First rainy day!


After 50 days of no rain in Bury St Edmunds, we finally had some typical British weather.

In the afternoon, we did pottery and played basketball. Today was also the final day of film and sports, our first weekly activities.

In the evening, we walked into Bury St Edmunds and went bowling. We had a lot of fun and some of our students are strong bowlers!

A sunny day in Cambridge!


Today we had a late breakfast before travelling on the coach to Cambridge. We had a tour on the punts of the colleges and gardens, before be lead around to some more of the famous sights by Aser.

This included the newly opened Cambridge Zoology Museum! We had great fun looking at all the animals and skeletons, and buying a few gifts for our friends and family in the gift shop!

IMG_1024 2IMG_4874 2

We then had lunch in Parker’s Piece, and then continued the tour of some more of the famous colleges and museums in Cambridge, including a quick visit to the Lloyds bank in Sidney Street, which opened its doors in 1894.

IMG_0185 2IMG_1845 2

Lastly we concluded the tour with some shopping time in the Grand Arcade, before heading back to Moreton Hall for a movie night with popcorn and crisps.

Party Time!


Today was very hot indeed! Today we got to have a swim in the pool, whilst some of us enjoyed an introduction to Capoeira with Gabi.

Most importantly, this evening we had our first disco! This gave us a chance to celebrate the first week of being at Moreton Hall, and party with the new friends we’ve made!




Visit to Bury St Edmunds


Today we went to Bury St Edmunds. Our teachers asked us to take pictures of things old and new in the Abbey Gardens.

Next, we did the charity shop challenge. That is when we have to buy an outfit for our teachers for only £5. They will wear these during the fashion show.

Finally we had a lot of time for shopping. Jack bought 12 bottles of Coke and Pepsi, Jean bought mine craft Steve and we all bought sweets.

In the evening, we had a treasure hunt. The questions were tricky but three of the six teams managed to find the treasure!

Moreton Hall Photo Challenge


Today we met our teachers and introduced ourselves to our classmates. We started our portfolio work and started work for our excursion class, starting to learn useful words and phrases for when we go on our trips to Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and London!

For our first activity some of us designed crests, whilst some of us learned the basics of how to play golf.

After our afternoon tea break those of us in Barney’s film class carried on planning our film, whilst those of us doing sport played Badminton with Luke.

For our evening activity we had the Moreton Hall photo challenge. We split into groups within our houses and had to take a series of photos around Moreton Hall.


First day at Moreton Hall


This morning we met all of the staff at Moreton Hall. They showed us where everything is in the school. We really liked the big garden and the swimming pool.

Next we had a placement test to find out which class we will be in. Then we had our afternoon activities. First was Gymkhana. In this activity we raced each other on skis, we worked together on the blind maze and our two teams competed in the assault course.

Following Gymkhana, we could choose to do film-making with Barney for our weekly activity or sports with Luke. Today we played football with Luke.

In the evening, we played dodgeball. We played in our houses. Slytherin and Ravenclaw both won four games so we had a penalty basketball shoot out to decide the champions. Slytherin ultimately won.