“See you in 10 days!” Message from David

Hello everyone,

My name is David, although everyone at Moreton Hall calls me Dave. I am the boys’ house parent and also one of the social activities team. I am very happy to say that I will be coming back to Moreton Hall again, which will be my 8th summer at CAE. 


After your English lessons in the morning, every day we have three activities: two in the afternoon and one after dinner. It is my job to help plan and run these activities, and make sure that they are interesting and exciting. I love sports; my favourite activities to teach are football, rugby and badminton. We also spend lots of time painting, swimming and cooking. If there is a special activity that you would like to do, come and talk to me! In the evenings, we have quizzes, discos, treasure hunts and team challenges, so lots of different events to enjoy.

My other job is to be the boys’ house parent. I am responsible for making sure that the boys are happy and enjoying themselves. I am there to help so if you have a problem or don’t feel well, day or night, come and talk to me. Coming to learn English in England is an amazing opportunity, so I need to make sure you enjoy it!

I am really looking forward to July; I really enjoy getting to know the students and learning about where you are from. I also can’t wait to see who wins the World Cup. Maybe we can watch the final on Sunday.

When you arrive…

Here is some advice for the day you arrive. If you are arriving in England by aeroplane, one of the team will be at the airport to meet you. If you have a lanyard, please wear it as it helps us find you in the airport. Look for the big CAE signs!


OR if you drive to Moreton Hall, knock on the door and one of the staff will come to say hello.

See you soon

To new students: I look forward to meeting you!

To returning students: welcome back to Moreton Hall! See you soon.

BONUS: Staff Quiz

Can you guess who is coming back to Moreton Hall?

G _ _ _

B _ _ _ _ _

D _ _ _

Returning Staff 2018b



A special thank you from the Course Director

To all our wonderful new friends from MH1 and MH2 2016,

Thank you so much for visiting us and allowing us to be part of your adventures here in the UK.  It was a pleasure to meet each and every one of you, to learn from you, to watch you growing in confidence and to enjoy your laughter, your energy, your creativity and, above all, your tremendous efforts.

We are so proud of everything you have achieved this summer and we hope very much to see you again next year 😊.

Have fun, take care and keep practising your lovely English 😉.

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes … with a twist!

In Penny’s class we learnt the words for the different parts of the body. We won’t forget these words because of the activity we did. What happened was:

1) Our teacher shouted out two different parts of the body (the first one was a part of our body and the second was a part of the other person’s body).

2) Then we had to use our body part (e.g. finger, ear, elbow, etc.) to touch the other person’s body part.

We thought this activity was very funny 😂


Artists on the loose in Cambridge …

Today we visited Cambridge.


Kings Chapel was beautiful!


So beautiful we decided to draw it for you ✍️


Keep an eye on the mail because we’ll be sending our drawings as postcards


We produced some real works of art and we cannot wait to send them to you 😉


We were lucky because the sun even came out for us!


We concentrated hard to get in all the fine details.


We had fun sketching 😵


The teachers discovered that we are very talented at drawing.


When you see our beautiful drawings you will be proud.