Our Last Night Together

Suddenly, and after a lot of exciting experiences and adventure, today marks the end of our stay at Moreton Hall. This morning in class we recorded our “can-do’s” and completed our presentations.

After lunch we packed our cases and then presented our work to the other classes and members of staff. We got certificates in recognition of our best qualities and greatest achievements on the course, and a copy of the course photograph so we’ll never forget our friends from Moreton Hall.

At the end of the day, it was time for our Grand Fashion Show. We strutted on the catwalk and showed off our designs. One of our teachers, Becky, and Social Activities leader, Lisa, voted for the winners of the night: Andy’s brilliant Lakers T shirt, and Anna’s tribute to the game of Uno. It was a difficult decision, though, which you can see from the photos of everybody’s brilliant work.

We spent the whole evening laughing, cheering and having fun, and it was quite late when the show finally ended. So we went to bed tired but happy and a little bit sad to have ended our last night together … for this year, anyway!

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