Intense Art Sessions

Heavy rain stopped play outdoors, so we moved indoors to decorate boxes and make collages. Everyone was very focused on their artwork, which was great preparation for our T-shirt and bandana session. Can’t wait to show off these fabulous designs at our Fashion Show on Friday!

After dinner, we celebrated Anna’s 10th birthday and had a lovely chocolate party cake for dessert. Anna made a wish and blew out the candles – after we had all sung Happy Birthday, of course. At the end of the evening, the Girls’ Team, the Boys’ Team, Becky and Lisa all competed in a quiz. Becky and the Boys were the winners with 71 points, but the Girls came close with 69 points and Lisa was only just behind with a score of 66.

Note: Becky and Lisa made the quiz more even by cancelling their two highest scores.

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