Flumes, Tunes & Afternoons

It was a big surprise when we started the day, not with a lesson, but with a trip to the pool. We had a fantastic time with Jake and Becky, splashing about with the floats and rushing down the flume slides. We got back to school ready for Sunday brunch, with sausages and bacon, hash browns, fried eggs and beans. After lunch on this upside-down day we had English classes. Becky gave us a brilliant lesson all about British music. We talked about our favourite pop stars and listened to famous musicians like Pink Floyd, The Beetles, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit, Queen, Spice Girls, The Who, Oasis and David Bowie – some of the most well-known bands and singers in the world.

Afterwards, we started work on our fashion show outfits, designing t-shirts and bandanas. You can see some of our first efforts in the pictures here, and we’ll be showing them off finally in the Grand Fashion Show at the end of the week. In the evening, once we’d cleared away the dinner things we played lots of funny games indoors, like “pass the parcel” and “pass the pigs”.

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