Cambridge Trip

Today, we travelled to the centre of Cambridge by double-decker bus. After lunch on Jesus Green we walked down King’s Parade, where we saw the famous Corpus Clock, Trinity College, St John’s, King’s College and King’s College Chapel. Later, we went punting along the “Backs”, where the river flows behind other Colleges as well, such as Queen’s, Magdalene College and Clare’s College. We went under the unique Mathematical Bridge and Cambridge’s very own Bridge of Sighs. Our punt “chauffeur” was brilliant, and throughout the punting trip she told us stories about the history of Cambridge University’s various colleges.

When we got back to Moreton Hall, Chef Paul taught us how to make our own pizzas for dinner. We all chose different toppings and Chef Paul put them in the oven for us and awarded prizes for the first and second best. The winners were Ewa and Rainbow. In the evening we were pretty tired and wound down from the busy day, chilling and playing Uno, chess and Old Maid, a traditional British children’s card game, and making loom bands.

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