Course Presentations

For the end of course presentations, we showcased what we have been working on to the CAE staff and the rest of our classmates.

Barney’s class described our super heroes that we designed, such as what they looked like, their powers and where they were from.

Becky’s class presented our biographies of famous sports stars, including Novak Djokovic, Simone Biles and Cristiano Ronaldo.

When we had finished, we got to see our finished film, Ridiculous Robots vs Silly Wizards (to be posted on the blog soon), and our Excursions “Do’s and Don’t” video. Finally, Becky and Barney presented us with our course certificates and special awards.

To finish the course, we had the traditional fashion show, with the girls’ team winning with their outfit for the ‘Barney’ category.

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