Today, we set off in the morning to go to the British Museum. The British Museum is famous around the world and houses collections that record the whole of human history and the cultures of every corner of the planet. We spent a lot of time looking at ancient Egyptian relics, including mummies and burial objects from the pyramids. Afterwards, we went to Covent Garden to spend time shopping. We bought lots of food and gifts, going to shops such as the Moomin Shop and Benjamin Pollacks Toy Shop.

Then we walked down to the River Thames and along the bank towards Westminster Pier, where we took the boat to Greenwich. From the river we could see the London Eye, Big Ben, The Globe Theatre, Tower Bridge and the Royal Observatory, just to name a few of the great landmarks. Before dinner we walked up a steep hill to the Prime Meridian, which is “Zero hour” for all the world’s clocks. Finally, we ended the day with some lovely Italian food for dinner, pizza or pasta, and a tired journey home on the coach.

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