Only 20 days to go!


Hi everyone! My name is David, but everyone calls me Dave, and I am one of the staff who will be working at Moreton Hall this summer. 2019 will be my 9th year at CAE and I’m looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks!

I have two jobs at Moreton Hall. Firstly, I am part of the Social Activities Team. You will have English lessons with the teachers in the morning, and then we have three activities: the daily, weekly and an evening activity.

The daily activity changes every day, so you could do swimming, painting or bridge building on Monday, and then rugby, t-shirt making or board games on Tuesday. If there is a sport or art project you would like to try, come and talk to me. For the weekly activity, you will have the same activity for four days. This means that we will complete a big project, like recording a film, making statues or competing in the Moreton Hall Olympics. And after dinner, we have one big activity together as a group. This could be a quiz, treasure hunt, disco or maybe bowling in the town.

My second job is to be the boys’ house parent. I am here to make sure that the boys are happy and that you enjoy your time in England. I also help with your bedrooms, lockers, pocket money and laundry. If you have a question or are sad, come and talk to me, day or night. You will meet the girls’ house parent soon.

Whilst you are at Moreton Hall, we go on some excursions. We will visit Bury St Edmunds, Cambridgeand London, where you will see some famous sights, learn some history, and have some time for shopping. I visited London with some friends last week, and we climbed over the O2 arena; the views were amazing. London is my favourite excursion so I am looking forward to going back in a few weeks.

To the returning students; I look forward to seeing you again. How many times can you spot yourself in these photos? To new students; welcome, I hope you enjoy your first summer with CAE! 

Here are some of my favourite memories from last summer:

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