Trip to Bury St Edmunds


This morning we had classes that prepared us for our afternoon visit to Bury St Edmunds. In Bury we did three things.

The first was a photo challenge. We had to take pictures of man-made and natural objects, that was our theme.

213213 (2)228 (2)225222224 (2)221 (2)219


Next, we did the charity shop challenge. This is where, in our groups, we buy funny clothes for the teachers to wear in the fashion show – but we’re only allowed to spend £5!

229 (2)212209217 (2)216 (2)215 (2)214 (2)206198181180178184176174065064

Finally, we had lots of shopping time. Our favourite shop in Bury is Poundland, where everything costs £1!


In the evening, we had the option to watch the England vs Croatia match or to watch a film called ‘The Lorax’. Unfortunately, “it’s not coming home” or, in other words, England lost the match 😓


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