I’m Alison, Course Director at Moreton Hall

It’s my job to see that everyone on the Cambridge Academy of English at Moreton Hall is kept happy, busy and safe while they’re here.  And that means everyone – big students, little students, the staff and Monty (who is Monty? Come back later and he might pay the Blog a visit).


I spend most of my time in the office, counting money, checking in mobile phones and making sure I know where everyone is, but from time to time I’ll come and see you learning English, doing sports and art, and I’m looking forward to the excursions, too. I’ll also help if anyone’s feeling unwell or worried about anything.

This is my first summer at Moreton Hall and I’m looking forward to getting to know all the children. I was a child when I first went abroad alone, so I know how challenging it can be – and I stayed with a small family who didn’t know any English! But I also know from that experience that the best and quickest way to learn a language is when you’re young, and when it is all around you.

So, if you’re feeling a bit nervous, be brave, be energetic, be open to learning and making lots of new friends.

Moreton Hall is a wonderful place to be and I look forward to discovering everything it has to offer with you all.    blogpic2



And on those long, summer evenings when you’re running  about in the garden blogpic1… blogpic3   … don’t forget to wave and say, “Hello, Alison” … I’ll be watching from my office window.






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