Visit from English school children

 Yesterday we had some English guests who joined us for lessons and activities.

In class we talked to our new friends and found out interesting things about one another.

We did lots of sport: swimming, football and volleyball.

There were crafts and dance too.

After our activities we gave peer feedback.  Here is what some of us said:

Tom (from the English school) said “Dylan was very persevering at his tackling, a great defender didn’t let anyone past!”

Alex (from the English school) said  “George (English school) – beautiful goals!”

Samson (from the English school) said “Alex was a brilliant goalkeeper and great at stopping Henry’s powerful shots!”

Taegan (from the English school) said “Naoto played very unselfishly, always passing the ball when got it and setting other players up well!”

Naoto said “Samson (form the English school) was a fantastic dribbler.”

Dylan said “Tom (from the English school) plays very clever football.”

It was great playing with our visitors and practising our English with them. We hope they enjoyed their day at Moreton Hall 😊

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