A special thank you from the Course Director

To all our wonderful new friends from MH1 and MH2 2016,

Thank you so much for visiting us and allowing us to be part of your adventures here in the UK.  It was a pleasure to meet each and every one of you, to learn from you, to watch you growing in confidence and to enjoy your laughter, your energy, your creativity and, above all, your tremendous efforts.

We are so proud of everything you have achieved this summer and we hope very much to see you again next year 😊.

Have fun, take care and keep practising your lovely English 😉.

Moreton Hall Olympic Games

On Thursday afternoon we gathered in the garden for our very own Olympic games!


We opened the Games with a dance performed by students who were in the dance weekly activity:

Students in the Olympic art weekly activity had made medals for the winners

We warmed up and flexed our muscles



Then the games began!

We threw javelins and shotputs, and had penalty shootouts

At the closing ceremony we were presented with leafy wreaths and Olympic torches


And Jaehoon showed off his gymnastic ability!

Sight seeing around London

Today we visited beautiful London.  The day started with lunch in Regent’s Park and then we got our cameras out to take photos with lots of famous people at Madame Tussaud’s.

We jumped on a tube heading for Westminster, where we saw Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Horse Guards Parade and Trafalgar Square. We even got to hear Big Ben chime four o’clock.

Then it was time for shopping in Covent Garden. There were lots of shops and street performers.


For dinner, we went to Pizza Express and enjoyed dough balls, pizza and pasta, followed by ice cream or chocolate brownies.

Here is a quick video from our day out in London.

Visit from English school children

 Yesterday we had some English guests who joined us for lessons and activities.

In class we talked to our new friends and found out interesting things about one another.

We did lots of sport: swimming, football and volleyball.

There were crafts and dance too.

After our activities we gave peer feedback.  Here is what some of us said:

Tom (from the English school) said “Dylan was very persevering at his tackling, a great defender didn’t let anyone past!”

Alex (from the English school) said  “George (English school) – beautiful goals!”

Samson (from the English school) said “Alex was a brilliant goalkeeper and great at stopping Henry’s powerful shots!”

Taegan (from the English school) said “Naoto played very unselfishly, always passing the ball when got it and setting other players up well!”

Naoto said “Samson (form the English school) was a fantastic dribbler.”

Dylan said “Tom (from the English school) plays very clever football.”

It was great playing with our visitors and practising our English with them. We hope they enjoyed their day at Moreton Hall 😊