The start of the House Cup

Today has been our first full day at Moreton Hall, and we have been very busy! Firstly, we had a tour of the school with our new teachers Penny, Barney and Nathan. Afterwards we were sorted into our class groups and then we had some lunch.

In the afternoon we had our first activities. The daily activities were tennis and t-shirt painting, and then for the weekly activities, we could choose between Olympic art, Olympic sports and movie making.

At Moreton Hall we have three house groups: Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. All of the students are put into houses by the ‘Sorting Monty’, and during the next two weeks, we will compete as teams to win points.

The competition started after dinner as we went outside with our House Parents, Anna and Dave, to win house points. We crawled through a field of lasers, had three-legged and balloon races,  completed a dizzy assault course and then finished with British Bulldog.

Then it was time for bed: everyone was very tired  😫

We are all looking forward to starting our first English lessons tomorrow …

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