Students speak: Cecilia’s book review

Student blog – Cecilia’s book report

Poor Cecilia has not been well this week 😩.  But she has been a very good patient reading quietly and resting (and eating ice-cream which Paul the chef treated us to – thanks, Paul!).  Here’s a lovely piece that she wrote about her book …

‘Eragon’ by Christopher Paolini   eragon

There is a boy, his name is Eragon. One day he goes in a forest and he finds a egg similar a stone. In the egg there is a dragon. Eragon fly with his dragon but when he returns home his hous is on fire and Garrow is deads. More monsters do this disaster so Eragon wants kills them.

This boy hasn’t got any parents he goes with his Uncle Garrow and his cousin Boran.


Well done Cecilia!  (And we’re very happy that you are all better now 😊 )

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