Heads, shoulders, knees and toes … with a twist!

In Penny’s class we learnt the words for the different parts of the body. We won’t forget these words because of the activity we did. What happened was:

1) Our teacher shouted out two different parts of the body (the first one was a part of our body and the second was a part of the other person’s body).

2) Then we had to use our body part (e.g. finger, ear, elbow, etc.) to touch the other person’s body part.

We thought this activity was very funny 😂


Exploring Cambridge

After visiting the computer game museum and drawing King’s College, we walked further into Cambridge and explored the old cobbled streets.

At Great St Mary’s Church, we took some crayon rubbings to discover interesting patterns, and afterwards we climbed the tall tower to look out at Cambridge from above. From the top everyone drew pictures of the beautiful views. Then it was time for shopping, our favourite part of the day!


Dah-dah-dah! It’s SuperSam!

Artists on the loose in Cambridge …

Today we visited Cambridge.


Kings Chapel was beautiful!


So beautiful we decided to draw it for you ✍️


Keep an eye on the mail because we’ll be sending our drawings as postcards


We produced some real works of art and we cannot wait to send them to you 😉


We were lucky because the sun even came out for us!


We concentrated hard to get in all the fine details.


We had fun sketching 😵


The teachers discovered that we are very talented at drawing.


When you see our beautiful drawings you will be proud.