Looking forward to the summer – a letter from David


Hello everyone!

My name is David (but any returning students will know me as Dave), I am one of the social activities staff and this year will be my 6th summer with CAE at Moreton Hall.

… If you would like a challenge after reading this, try to find my face in the previous years’ Course Photos … (To give you a hint: I am in eight pictures between 2011 and 2015).

One of my jobs at Moreton Hall is to help run the afternoon & evening activities. After the English lessons in the morning, we have two activities in the afternoon and a third activity after dinner, so we have a variety of events to keep you all entertained!

I love Sports, so my favourite activities to teach are football and badminton. If you prefer a quieter afternoon, we also offer cooking & art lessons, and when the sun is out, we spend some time in the swimming pool. The evening activities vary from team challenges and outdoor games to discos – (always very popular). My favourite event from last summer was the Charity Shop Challenge, which is where teams used clothes to make outfits to match characters from films!

My other role at Moreton Hall is being the boys’ house parent. It is my job to make sure that the boys are safe and happy. Spending a summer in another country is an amazing opportunity, and so we need to be sure that you enjoy being with us. So if you have any problems, questions, or if you don’t feel well, you can come and talk to me! I’m there to help you.

I’m really looking forward to Moreton Hall 2016. I love getting to know the children and learning more about where you are all from. So, to all new students – I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks time – Welcome! ; and to any returning students, Welcome back!

See you all soon!


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