Some Pictures From The Last Two Weeks…

Free time 1
Sally, one of our musical geniuses here at Moreton Hall

Take a look at some active, cute or funny pictures from the last two weeks!

Scary stuff!
Free time 5
The students love playing ping pong
Charity shop 2
Looking stylish, Freddy!
Linda and Ana enjoying their time at Moreton Hall
Bridge and tower 3
Moreton Hall’s very own engineers
Bag painting 7
Our favourite creatures here at Moreton Hall, the Minions!
I feel good duhnuhnuh 2
If you are ever bored, why not dance?
One of our students, Eleven, having fun in the playground
Ruins 4
Outdoor sketching at Abbey Gardens
Hello there!
Some of our students enjoying their time outside together
Free time 6
Table football, anyone?
Hanging out in the rose garden
Free time 4
The girls are enjoying a good book
Our next Pablo Picassos
Group shot
Everybody enjoying their time at Abbey Gardens

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