“Movie making” – Barney tells us about his favourite weekly activity

We know lots of children really enjoy the Movie making weekly activity at MH every year. Did you know that it is one of Barney’s favourites too? Here’s a special message from him: “One of the things I like best about Moreton Hall is making the films! and this is how it usually goes…

On MondayBrainstorming!

Make a film about what?”;  ” We have NO ideas.”;  “Oh! we could make a film about...”;  ” No, that’s silly!”; “Well, what if we…?”;  “Yes! and we can….!”;  “That’s a great idea! We have a film!”…   ( … ALMOST)

On TuesdayScripting!

“Okay… how are we going to film our great idea?”;  “Where are we going to film the actors?”;  “What exactly are the actors going to say?”;  “Who are the actors?!?!?!”;  “Great! We have a plan!”…       ( … ALMOST)

On WednesdayStoryboarding! Props & costumes!

“What will our film look like?”;  “Where do we put the actors?”“Where do we put the cameraman?”;    “How do we make a ghost costume?”;  “This is getting complicated!” …

On Thursday:  Trip to Bury St Edmunds. A break from the classroom. Props and costumes.

RELAX…   “Oooh, we’ve found some amazing costumes and props in the charity shops! Our film is going to be the best!”  …

On Friday:  Filming!

TOTAL PANIC …  “We have 90 minutes to film all this!”; “I keep forgetting my lines!”;  “She keeps forgetting her lines!”; “He won’t stop laughing!”; “Oh no! Our film is going to be a disaster!”  …

… and, amazingly, despite everything, and in just one short week – the films are always brilliant!

Many, many thanks to all the students for your wonderful ideas, your inspired creativity, and your endless enthusiasm. You make the best films. I can’t wait to make more films next summer! ”

Blog_Barney film making 2

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