Student Perspective: London excursion

Last Wednesday, we, the student of CAE Moreton Hall Preparatory School, went to London. It was fantastic. At 10 a.m. We were very nervous to go there. So we toke the bus, with it was waiting in the door. On the bus, we enjoy ourselves. We sang, played, talked about interesting things of the different countries… When we arrived there, we eat some rolls, chips, cereals…
After this, we went to a tourist boat, it was good because we learned a lot of things but the weather was… very hot!!!!
Then we visited “The national art gallery”. I like it because Rebecca explained the pictures very good, so that isn’t boring.
Then, we go shopping in a market, it was fantastic. It was about 1:30h. I bought a cap, a T-shirt…
After, we went to a restaurant, Pizza Hut, we ate a very good pizza. This day, was especial for one boy, Itai, it was his birthday.
Then we come back to Moreton Hall very very tired and we had dinner and then we went to the bed.

By: Araceli Ruano Penalver.

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