Let’s go swimming

For the daily activity, we took a special trip in the minibus today to go to the Bury St Edmunds swimming pool, which was amazing. It has three pools and two water slides (or ‘flumes’ as they are called in England).

In the afternoon activity, we continued to make props and our outfits for the film, and we hope to start recording on Tuesday.

After watching the end of the men’s Wimbledon final and the Cricket World Cup (well done Novak Djokovic & England!), Jake ran a quiz. It was boys vs girls, and Dave vs Becky. The boys beat the girls with 71 points compared to the girls’ 63 points. Becky got 81 points, and beat Dave as he only got 73 points.

Dodgeball night!

Saturday has been quite hectic! After our morning lessons, we chose between tennis and abstract art (painting without using brushes).

We started our new weekly activity in which we will be making a film! So we had to think of a story, about our characters, what props we will need and where we are going to film. We have decided to make a film about wizards and robots at Moreton Hall. The first job was to start making the outfits for the wizards and robots.

After dinner, we played dodgeball, which was great fun. We split into two teams and battled it out on the court. We played boys vs girls, GOT Stars vs Super People, and Becky’s class vs Barney’s class.

The trip to Cambridge

Photo taken outside King’s College

This morning, we took the double-decker bus into Cambridge. After getting off the bus, we walked past Trinity College and arrived at the punts. We were chauffeured around the River Cam for an hour on the punts.

Soon after, we had lunch in the park and went to the market square in a quest to find strange items. We then visited the Corpus Clock and the University Museum of Zoology and filled in a worksheet from A to Z of animals in English or Latin. Finally, we stopped at the Grand Arcade, where we all went shopping for souvenirs and gifts. We love shopping!!!

Exploring Bury St Edmunds

Today after our English lessons, we walked into the local town, which is called Bury St Edmunds. We looked around the Abbey Gardens and were set the task of taking photos of ‘something old’ and ‘something new’.

We then found two charity shops, so we asked the staff in the shops some questions about the charity, and bought some clothes. Then we had lots of time shopping!

In the evening, we had a quiet evening playing games with Jake or having a pamper night with Miyabi.

What is the dancing man code?

This morning, we had our first lessons with our new teachers, Becky and Barney. For the daily activities, we had the choice of playing badminton or making cheesecakes. We ate them after dinner and they were delicious! For the weekly activity, we all played football together, it was a really close game, with the game finishing 8-8.

For the evening activity, pictures of Sherlock Holmes’ dancing man code were hidden around the school, and we used the pictures to spell out words. Can you find the clues in these pictures?